BREAKING – Obama Makes SICK ‘Islamic Move’ That Puts Americans In Danger

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Obama has absolutely no regard for American lives! Liberals love to claim that the reason Donald Trump was elected was because of racism and bigotry. They fail to realize that conservatives didn’t dislike Obama because of…

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NYPD Finds Homeless Man Digging Through Trash at Grand Central, What Happened Next… WOW

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Let’s see what liberals have to say about this! It’s New York’s finest at their finest. Two on-duty NYPD officers were working their beat inside the Grand Central Terminal when a major collision occurred. No, not…


UNREAL! List Of ‘Hate Crimes’ Is Missing THOUSANDS of Attacks For 1 Nasty Reason

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This will make your stomach turn. Liberal groups love to push the narrative that Trump is encouraging and influencing his supporters to engage in violence and hate crimes. However, a recent report from the Southern…


FINALLY! Proposed Bill Would Penalize Schools Disrespecting The American Flag

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This was a long time coming! The most patriotic and constitutional American flag bill ever to be drafted in Congress is now awaiting a vote. House Republicans have heeded President-Elect Donald Trump’s call to protect…


Trump’s MAJOR Shift On Sharia Law Has Obama And The Muslim Brotherhood FURIOUS

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This move by Trump is a huge step forward! Pres. Obama is known for his sympathy for the Islamic faith, from the Muslim people to even the jihadists and militants within them. And I bet…


‘Kid Rock’ Is UNDER ATTACK For THIS Pro-Trump Clothing – Do You Support Him? [PICTURES]

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The left is still not letting up weeks after the election! It seems the left will tolerate just about anything. Anything, that is, except anyone coming out in support of President-Elect Donald Trump. Kid Rock…


WATCH – Michelle Malkin Exposed CNN As The Biggest ‘Fake’ News Network In The World

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Michelle Malkin does not hold back in her takedown of CNN! Michelle Malkin has a thing or two to say about fake news… and CNN! The blunt conservative woman completely exposed the unabashed bias going…


WATCH – ‘Fly Our Flag For Christmas!’ – Patriotic Song Goes INSANELY Viral This Christmas

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This song will bring tears to your eyes and joy to your heart! During this holiday season, we celebrate more than ever. We celebrate the birth of the Savior and the country that allows us…


ALERT- Michigan Appeals Court SHUTS DOWN Stein’s Recount!

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Finally, a stop to all this nonsense in Michigan! Jill Stein has been working her hardest, hustling Americans out of their money and spreading more hateful slander to get the recounts done in Wisconsin, Michigan,…


BOOM! Look Who’s Joining Forces with Trump to SHRED Iran Deal…

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  This shows just how much better of a president Trump will be than Obama! Donald Trump is already forming a valuable partnership with one of our most staunch allies. Liberal concerns that leaders of…