CAUGHT: Look What The Obamacare Website Just Quietly Removed Without a Trace

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President Barack Obama used the “You can keep your doctor” pledge to sell the Affordable Care Act to the American people. Today the Obamacare and White House websites display no indication that the words were…

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WATCH – Hillary Attacks Trump For ‘KKK’ Connection, But Forgets 1 BIG Detail

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Hillary goes after Trump for so-called KKK connection. Hillary Clinton has deemed Donald Trump a racist and claims he and his tens of millions of supporters have taken hate mainstream, but I think the Democrat…


JUST IN – Trey Gowdy Explains The REAL Reason Hillary Wasn’t Indicted

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Gowdy just figured out why Hillary wasn’t sent to the pokey. Trey Gowdy has seen the notes taken by FBI investigators when they interviewed Hillary Clinton about her private email server. He now says he…


Trump Ad on ‘Racist Hillary’ Goes Viral in MINUTES

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New Trump ad attacking Hillary goes viral in minutes! Hillary Clinton has been hitting Trump hard the last couple days throwing around some very ugly accusations. Now, Trump is fighting back. Today, he posted a…


ALERT – Obama’s Pentagon Makes CHILLING Admission, Their Excuse Is TERRIFYING

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Chilling admission by Obama administration and terrifying excuse. It is understood and very well reported the Obama Administration’s foreign policy has been a complete and utter failure. The stature of the United States around the…


BREAKING: Judge May Have Just Sentenced Clinton Campaign to Death on Sept. 13

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Whoa… This could really be the end for her. The Hillary Clinton presidential campaign received terrible news on Thursday when a federal court ruled that emails found by the FBI during its investigation of Clinton’s private…


WATCH: Dad TOTALLY ANNIHILATES His Daughter’s Car After She Sneaks Out

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She sneaked out and saw a guy she wasn’t supposed to… dad is pissed! I honestly can’t believe the damage he did to this… lets just say.. WAY BEYOND REPAIR! Source: Dad Destroys His Daughter’s Car…


BREAKING: Victims of FL Nightclub Shooting Get Jaw-Dropping Message From Hospital

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People will be talking about this for a long time. Its been just over two months since the attack at the Pulse nightclub in Florida, and two Orlando hospitals have announced good news for the…


UNLEASHED: Trump Goes There… Calls Out Hillary Using the “B Word”

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At long last, GOP presidential Donald Trump performed a feat rarely attempted by a notable conservative — he called out the Democrats for their glaring bigotry. Namely, he blasted Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for being a bigot, claiming…


BREAKING – WikiLeaks Julian Assange Lawyer FOUND DEAD, Assange Exposes The TRUTH!

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Julian Assange’s attorney was found dead, and the WikiLeaks founder thinks he knows why his lawyer met a mysterious and untimely demise. News of the death of the internationally renowned attorney, John Jones, sparked conspiracy…