REVEALED: The Honor Obama Gives Others That Shows Just How Huge a Narcissist He Really Is

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President Barack Obama has been referred to as the Narcissist in Chief, and for good reason, as he has a tendency to make whatever situation he is involved in all about himself. Sadly, this self-adoration…

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Hillary Shocked After Learning What New Black Panthers Leader Has in Store for Her

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This is the last thing Hillary Clinton wanted to hear. On Aaron Klein Investigative Radio, Babu Omowale, chairman of the New Black Panther Party, denounced Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton as “not the great champion of African-Americans.”…


OOPS: Hillary Will Be FURIOUS When She Sees What The Debate Organizers Did To Her Name

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There’s little doubt that a myriad of preparations went into planning the first presidential debate. From podiums to microphones, there was a long to-do list to make sure things go off without a hitch, and Hofstra…


Michael Moore: Trump ‘Won’ Debate

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Moore called it like he saw it — just like Trump does. To listen to the liberal media spin following Monday night’s presidential debate, one would think that Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton roundly defeated her…


BOOM: This Democrat “Safe State” Just ROCKED Hillary’s Campaign With Unheard-Of News

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has pulled ahead in Colorado. In what has been generally considered a very blue state, Donald Trump was shown Monday to have a 1 percent lead over his opponent, Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton,…


SHOCK: Pastor Commits Suicide After Seeing 1 Message on His Phone

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This is heartbreaking. A South African pastor killed himself after accidentally sending nude photos of himself to his church congregation. The intended recipient, his mistress, was reportedly a member of the church over which he…


BREAKING: Spec. Ops Infuriates Obama With Shocking Demand on Islam

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Obama the idiot always gets mad at all the wrong things. Members of the U.S. Special Operations Command have reportedly urged Marine Corps Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, the president’s chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff…


WOW: Look What Happened When a Non-Muslim Built a “Bomb” and Brought It to School

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This is crazy. A student brought in a homemade electronic device that looked similar to the device that Ahmed Mohamed made and for which was so infamously disciplined. Do you know what happened when a non-Muslim…


EVIL: Nurse Reveals What Happened When Little Baby Who Survived Abortion Was Delivered

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The account shared by this nurse was horrifyingly heartbreaking. There was much discussion in 2015 regarding abortion following the series of undercover videos exposing some of the more barbaric aspects of the procedure practiced by…


WATCH: Trump Responds To Hillary’s Debate Tax Attack With Deal Of The Century

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She was speechless. During last night’s presidential debate, Republican nominee Donald Trump responded to Democrat rival Hillary Clinton’s tax records attack by offering her the deal of the century. She was speechless. The debate took…